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                  Nicole Taylor-Stone meet the artist                 
When buying gifts, artwork or home decor, do you prefer to find unique, unusual and one of a kind pieces with meaning or a story? Perhaps a different material or process, a human connection to the maker? While we’re surrounded with appealing mass produced trend items all the time, it’s items that evoke connection and memories created and given with meaning that will outlast the fast paced changing trends in consumption.


Hello. My name is Nicole Taylor-Stone. I am an emerging artist specialising in papercut artistry. While this is quite an ancient craft and art form I explore it by creating contemporary images that we connect with today. I’m inspired by the unique and often strange forms of the flora that surrounds me as well as the urban structures that sit in juxtaposition against these. Each piece embodies an element of whimsy in which I view these forms.

I work from my home studio on the fringe of Adelaide, South Australia and produce original hand cut paper artworks made from 160gsm archival quality papers all hand cut by surgical scalpel. Starting from a base sketch design this is transferred to the sheet for cutting. The details are then carefully hand cut laving what remains to create the image. While most pieces are black or white the detail and life of each piece is created from the light and shadow that moves through paper cuts. 

I have always had a love of all art, drawing design and construction. I grew up in regional South Australia moving to Adelaide to pursue formal studies in drafting building technologies and Architectural Studies. After spending years focused on technical drawing and computer aided design it left me craving personal connection to my work and the ability to produce my own work by hand from start to finish.

My artwork seeks to provide the owner with not only a striking image but an item that is not created solely for passing trends but through what inspires myself that I hope to share with others. By using the technique of paper cutting you can connect directly with the process that has created the artwork and taken my idea and original sketch through this transformation into something tangible that can be held, displayed and enjoyed.


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